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Practice is an important element for all activities, including preparing for the SAT and ACT. Our classes include daily hands-on practice-&-review, allowing students to see same-day test results. Score increases over 200 points have resulted from this innovative hands-on approach, with student confidence building from Day 1!

After over 35 years of helping students “take the next step to college,” it’s comments from high school college & career counselors that really make me as excited today as I was back in 1985:

“Your classes get immediate results.”

“I’ve seen improvements I didn’t think were possible.”

“Your strategies work on all tests, not just the SAT.”

“How do you keep up your high-energy level?!”

…and from students:

“I can’t believe how quickly the time passed!”

“I never learned anything like this before.”

“The test seems so much easier now.”

“Why can’t you be our teacher?!” (my response: …because if I taught this for more than a week, the class would become boringly repetitious! The program-length is perfect for maximum results!)

…and the ultimate inspiring comments:

“I got my scores back, and they’re even better than what I got in the class!”

“My SAT scores met the NCAA requirement and now I’m eligible to play college football!”

How can a coach not be inspired to want to keep helping kids succeed when there’s so much at stake!

If you’ve got any questions, please call me at (808) 261-6666.

Coach K

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About the Founder
Known throughout the 50th State for years as “Mr. SAT”, “Coach K” (Raymond Karelitz) is Hawaii’s most popular SAT/ACT-prep instructor and the nation’s most prolific author of SAT-related books. Having taught in almost every private and public high school on all islands, “Coach K” has helped over 20,000 students in his illustrious 35-year career – including top athletes – reach the next plateau by being accepted into the colleges of their choice, many by way of full scholarships!

Alongside his professional accomplishments, including having authored over 30 SAT-related guidebooks and reference books, Mr. Karelitz earned 4 college degrees in his twelve-year college experience. But his greatest success has been in motivating students through his unique blend of humor and expertise, showing them alternate approaches to mastering what many consider the most important examinations in a student’s life: the SAT and ACT.

If you have any questions, please call Raymond anytime at
(808) 261-6666