There’s no replacement for

A message from Coach K:
Having taught SAT-prep for over 35 years, one thing I have cherished is the opportunity to help students reach their potential by individualizing test-prep strategies to best accommodate each individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses. No two students are alike, and as in sports, it is the coach’s job to tailor an approach that yields the best results for each player on the team. The results for over 35,000 students over the years have been test-results exceeding many students’ wildest expectations — I’ve seen scores increase by 400 points or more on many occasions. But what is more heartwarming for me is seeing student confidence soar — not only on the SAT but oftentimes in their schoolwork. This personal touch is what makes teaching a special profession. It can’t be replaced by a computer. I had considered utilizing an online format, but it just didn’t feel right. Teens need a compassionate helping hand, not an impersonal monitor-screen, to guide them through the insecurities of handling the SAT (and ACT). That is why I have chosen to stay the course and remain the personal Coach for SAT & ACT-prep. There is, in my opinion, no substitute for an honest-to-goodness teacher…and there is truly no replacement for the warmth and caring of the classroom experience