For over 35 years, our classes & workshops have helped students gain test-taking confidence through hands-on practice & critical test-taking time management strategic tips! We offer exciting & motivational hands-on classes taught by “Mr. SAT”/Coach K (Raymond Karelitz)!

Fall 2020 Online Classes  All classes taught by “Coach K” Raymond Karelitz

Hawaii’s test-prep specialist since 1985!

Our Fall 2020 Online SAT test-prep program will feature EIGHT 40-minute classes covering key strategies and hands-on review of the College Board SAT ! 

(including pre-mailed books): $200


(all pre-class assignments are emailed in advance of class)

CLASS DATES/TIMES: To be announced. Click here to be notified when class dates are announced.

Fall 2020 ONLINE TEST-PREP PROGRAM includes:




• all HANDOUTS, including student score-report pages

CLASS 1: SAT Overview, including key strategies for Reading, Math and Grammar Sections, as well as analysis of the SAT ESSAY…Sample sections will be reviewed utilizing the strategic approach. An eye-opening and exciting introduction to the SAT presented in a personal manner that has made Coach K the favorite in Hawaii for over 35 years!

CLASS 2: CRITICAL READING (assignment posted ahead of class to avoid wasting valuable in-class time!)  Step-by-step analysis of 2 reading passages, exploring the Pre-Screening technique and the keys to optimizing the “Elimination” strategic approach…includes student scoring for immediate feedback!

CLASS 3: GRAMMAR (Writing Skills) (assignment posted ahead of class)  Amazing strategic approach unlocks the most misunderstood section of the SAT, showing how to make this the HIGHEST SCORING section of all !  Insightful tips that only a Coach could know will give students a competitive edge over everyone else !  Immediate score-feedback will make students hungry to practice even more !

CLASS 4: MATH (Sections 3 & 4) (assignment posted ahead of class)  Step-by-step personalized approach will build confidence in students for whom Math is a struggle…The key is practice-and-review tempered with a consistent strategic approach.  Motivating for the high-achiever, inspiring as a confidence-builder for the math-shy student in a way that has made Coach K a game-changer in test-prep !

CLASS 5: READING Review (assignment posted ahead of class): Putting all the strategies to the test and establishing the MAXIMUM SCORE POTENTIAL !

CLASS 6: GRAMMAR (Writing Skills) Review (assignment posted ahead of class): A complete analysis of the finer elements of this section, with results that oftentimes are the highlight of the entire course !

CLASS 7: MATH Review (assignment posted ahead of class): Reviewing key strategies and focusing on the most important math problem-types on the SAT + student scoring in discrete mini-test-sections…A time-tested confidence-builder for all students, weak or strong !

CLASS 8: Complete (selected problems) test-review & analysis (assignment posted ahead of time):  Putting it all together — strategy-review, test-review, scoring + SUPER SCORE determination…always the most exciting part of the course !