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Hawaiiʻs SAT/ACT test-prep headquarters

Founded by author/instructor Raymond Karelitz in 1985 as Verbal & Math Enrichment Program, Test-Prep Hawaii is the state’s most popular SAT/ACT/PSAT-prep program with classes and workshops throughout the islands. Students include high-school athletes (through our PIAA and Football Workshops) as well as all college-interested students who are in grades 9-12. Let your friends know about our special low-priced SAT & ACT-Prep programs!
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Create your own SAT (or ACT)-Prep Classes

Due to Covid-19, in-school/after-school classes are no longer available…Instead, we are following an alternate model we’ve used for over 20 years: “Private” SAT/ACT-prep classes (minimum students: 10) held at your venue.
Through practice & review, we show students how to:

  • manage their time for maximum score-results
  • avoid the traps that cause test-frustration
  • outperform against the competition


About Us

Practice is an important element for all activities, including preparing for the SAT and ACT. Our classes include daily hands-on practice-&-review, allowing students to see same-day test results. Score increases over 200 points have resulted from this innovative hands-on approach, with student confidence building from Day 1!

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About the NEW SAT

From Coach K – Raymond Karelitz

Beginning in March 2016, the Redesigned SAT replaced the former SAT, introducing significant changes in both test format and test objectives. A new approach to taking the test has become necessary, including a more detailed focus on specific key elements.

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Words of Wisdom
from “Coach K”

Test-taking is a skill most high school students are not fully aware of. Taking a timed multiple-choice test requires time-management and an elimination approach to help simplify the process and maximize results.

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For more information on our classes and workshops, or to set up a special program for your school or organization, please call Raymond “Coach K” at (808) 261-6666

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