Building Test-Taking Skills

(Words of Wisdom from “Coach K”)

Test-taking is a skill most high school students are not fully aware of. Taking a timed multiple-choice test requires time-management and an elimination approach to help simplify the process and maximize results.

Whether preparing for the SAT, ACT, HSA or any college-based multiple-choice test, students who have mastered the basics of test-taking outscore those who are not adequately familiar with the process involved.

Our classes motivate students by equipping them with the necessary tools to attack any key standardized or multiple-choice test and gain the upper hand, whether it involves English grammar, reading, science or mathematics reasoning skills. The key to student success is gaining the confidence to know how to take such a test.

With proper technique, students will see their scores rise quickly and steadily. Our hands-on test-taking approach ensures maximum score-feedback, and once students see the results, they find it exciting to continue building and improving on their newly-found strengths!

Some classes “teach” ‐ ours focus on student practice-and-review, not on boring lectures! We “coach” students to success, and it really works! Classes are challenging and fast-moving, resulting in long-term growth. We actually make test-taking fun!

Remember: A good SAT or ACT score can open new doors of college opportunity…And that’s really something to get excited about!

Ray “Coach K” Karelitz